How to Make Fresh Aloe Vera Soap

How to Make Fresh Aloe Vera Soap

Aloe Vera is the most prestigious herb used for skin care. It contains almost 20 amino acids, minerals like calcium, magnesium and sodium in sufficient quantities, enzymes, vitamins, polysaccharides, nitrogen and other components that make it a miracle beauty herb.

Aloe Vera Soap Recipe

  • 14.9 oz coconut oil
  • 13.4 oz olive oil
  • 10.5 oz lard
  • 2.5 oz shea butter
  • 9.6 oz g aloe gel and water purée (add water to the aloe till you reach 9.6 oz total)
  • 6.7 oz lye (NaOH)
  • 9.9 oz water

Follow standard soap making procedures: carefully add lye to the water and while it cools, heat up the oils until melted. When roughly around the same temperature, add the lye mixture to the oils, then add the aloe gel before trace. Mix well until the mixture thickens to the point of trace. Pour into mold, insulate and let it set for 24 to 48 hours. Unmold, cut and let the soaps curing in a cookie rack for at least 4 weeks.

Note: If you use aloe from your own plant – be sure to harvest only the clear gel from the leaves!

Benefits Of Aloe Vera Soap

Aloe vera soap is one of the best things you can do for your skin.  The aloe plant has long been revered as a medicine for various skin ailments ranging from dryness to burns.  It has even been suggested by many doctors as an alternative treatment for those suffering from internal issues such as arthritis, interestingly enough. Even in situations like this, aloe vera is said to be of help because a topical application sees it penetrating the skin and reaching the ailing area, providing relief from the pain.

Aloe vera has also been said to have promise in fighting off the onset of alopecia in men.  Alopecia is the medical term for balding, and a lot of men worry about it constantly.  This is actually one reason aloe vera does not only show up in soaps but also in shampoos.  Furthermore, the powerful moisturising properties of the plant’s sap help to prevent the skin, scalp, and hair from drying out.  This is one of the best reasons to use aloe vera soap, as a matter of fact: for its richly emollient, moisturising properties.  It can help to make your skin look and feel suppler and younger.

Aloe vera soap can truly be used for a lot of things.  Many studies have also shown that aloe vera can help to speed up healing for cases such as burns.  This is why some cultures actually apply the sap from the plant to scrapes or burns on the skin, in an effort to help the wound heal without a scar.  There are also cultures where it is used to prevent itchiness from allergies, rashes, insect bites, and the like.

Essentially, aloe vera soap can benefit you a great deal due to its many beneficial qualities.  In addition to the ones already mentioned above, aloe vera is also known to be a strong detoxifier, thus helping you clear away all possible substances that could add to the aging of your appearance.  It is also a proven antibacterial substance, so you can be sure that your body is being properly cleansed aside from being properly soothed when you use it.