The best essential oils-aphrodisiac for romantic date night

<b>The best </b><b>essential oils</b><b>-aphrodisiac for romantic date night</b> - Essencetics

Are you planning a pleasant evening with your loved one? The present is ready, look is ready and still need to create the romantic atmosphere for warm evening.  Essential oils with excitatory influence will help you.

Stimulating of the fifth sense 

Each person feels the world with his five feelings: visual acuity, auditory sense, tactual sense, taste, scent. In order to make romantic evening into hot night of love, you need to activate each of them. Beautiful cloth will make you visual acuity happy, delicious food will agitate your tastebuds, good music will caress your hearing, hands will caress beloved body… for the fullest picture needs inciting aroma only.

Natural fragrance oil contains extracts of different plants, which are having not only smell pleasant but having many health properties as well. Some are purifying skin, others take calming effect and reduce hear ache, and some increase sexual appetite booth for en and women.


Ginger is a well known aphrodisiac. Ginger activates hormone dopamine which is responsible for sexual alluring to the partner. It may be used during the massage,adding several drops to the neck of the partners instead of the perfume or spray into the air with humidifier.


With good reasoning Rose is called the flower of love and passion. Its aroma has a relaxing effect. Rose may help to take away the feeling of awkwardness that can surely spoil romantic date night.


The effect of ylang-ylang is related to Rose. This has tender flower aroma that helps to relax, stop angriness and lets forget about the whole day concerns. This also universal aroma of natural fragrance oil of this plant combines well with citrus notes that stimulate liveliness and confidence.

Black pepper or pepper mint

Black pepper has rather bitter aroma but it is very interesting. The aroma stimulates common brain activity that makes feelings and mind more intensive. If the aroma is too specific for you, please, replace it with pepper mint. They are alike.


Earlier this plant was used only like a spice. But when the property of making mood better, get euphory faster of sage effect were discovered, people started using this plant in cosmetics, medicine, aromatherapy.

What is the use of essential oil?

There are several methods for  aromatherapy oil pure:

  •     instead of perfume just add several drops of extract into your neck or breast.;
  •     spray with the help of essential oil diffuser - just add 3-4 drops of the  extract intо the air humidifier with the function of aromatherapy like the one, HomeCode;
  •     for massage - massage with aroma-therapeutic effect  for your beloved will be a perfect gift for St.Valentine’s Day;
  •     in aroma lamp- fill the cap with warm water and add 2-3 drops of  essential oils for mosturizer (in the calculation for 10 m2) and put beneath tea candles;
  •     in bathroom - why not go to the bathroom and take the rest of the evening there with your beloved?

Use of essential oil is possible with combination of any other. Below are several very good combinations:

  •     6 ylang-ylang, 3 patchouli, 2 sweet orange;
  •     4 lavender, 3 geranium, 3 sweet orange, 2 sage;
  •     3 sweet orange, 2 sage, 3 patchouli, 1 geranium;
  •     2 sweet orange; 2 swiss pine, 1 sandalwood, 1 ylang-ylang;
  •     1 sandalwood, 2 ylang-ylang, 1 sweet orange, 1 swiss pine.

The pointed quantity is in drops in the calculation for 10 m2. Proportions may be changed depending on preference.

How to make your choice to buy essential oils?

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